Thursday, February 26, 2009

emergingumc, a gathering, 2: Where? When?


In ongoing conversations with several of you, online and offline, I'm looking most seriously right now at 4 possible venues for our second gathering...

Indianapolis, Indiana (home of Lockerbie Central UMC)

Greater Cincinnati Area (near Th3Waters/Florence UMC and several other connections)

Dallas, TX (home of Perkins/SMU and the methemergentlab)

and back here in Nashville, TN (home of country music and, well, this cohort, among other things!)

So... I'm asking y'all to help me decide location among these viable options. (Technically, I have to make the final call, but I want all the input and reflection on that possible).

AND... I'm needing from you as well a sense of when in late fall would work best for you to be part of this gathering...

For me right now the available times are:
October 1-3
October 8-10 (but this might be the same as an emergent event-- but can't tell since the calendar on emergentvillage is down... anyone know?)
October 22-24-- would coincide with Action Day (October 24)
November 12-14

These are all Thursday-Saturday time frames.... chosen because that's what we chose for last time based on your input, but that's up for discussion!

So... Where... and When?

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards

Tokens Show

Hi all. A brief plug, reposted from my blog.

Last December, Sheryl and I got to go out and see the Tokens Show at Lipscomb University, directed by Lee Camp, of whom I've spoken fondly before. We really had a great time at this Prairie Home Companion meets theology discussion. Here are a couple of videos from it, and one from a previous show.

Joy To the World

Closing Monologue: Silent Night

Class and Grass

Tuesday, March 3, at 7pm, is the next Tokens Show, and it will feature will feature musicians Vince Gill, Sonya Isaacs, Odessa Settles, and Buddy Greene; interviews with Will Campbell (author of Brother to a Dragonfly) and Brad MacLean (on his work on death-row), and much more. Sheryl and I had an absolute blast at it and if you're in the Nashville area and can make it, I can almost guarantee that you won't be disappointed. Tickets are on sale at

Thursday, February 05, 2009

i don't know what this has to do with sin

i do not know what this has to do with sin, our conversation from today, but again, dixon is not up on his youtube culture. so i am sharing this for your amusement.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cohort Ponders Sin this Thursday

Greetings everyone,
The Nashville Cohort will gather this Thursday, February 5 from 11:30-1:00pm at the Flying Saucer in the Pool Room:
11 10th Ave. South
(Located Behind Union Station)
Nashville, TN 37203

Topic: What is sin? Is it individual acts of badness, or is there a broader definition that would be helpful. How can approaching sin as a relational commodity be helpful. Come out for a spirited conversation.

Call in your lunch orders by 10:30am to ((615) 259-3039) if you can. The menu can be found here under the "Food" tab (