Sunday, January 29, 2006

Jesus Freaks and whatnot

Hi all - I stumbled across Dixon's email addy on and fired off a missive. He was both gracious and foolish enough to invite me to this blog and to your next cohort meeting, which I hope to attend. I'm more than willing to sell you the real, honest-to-gosh Truth for a mere $49.95 (each), which would save you the trouble of discussing the subject at length and leave more time for pool and beer.

As I wander through the miasma of emergent/post-modern/neoChristian/whatsis, it occurs to me that this really isn't all that new. In fact, it started back in the early 70s when those longhaired freaky people stumbled over Jesus on their way to Nirvana and decided to go tell the folks at 1st Baptist and Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility what they'd seen. The nice Church folks smiled politely, told them to cut their hair and quit trying to impersonate Jesus, and proceeded to inculcate the Emergence out of them.

If they hadn't been so high, I suspect the Jesus Freaks might have twigged to the difference between Modern Churchianity and Jesus a long time ago. But it seems to be mostly their kids' generation who is waking up and embracing Life. It's fun to watch, and promises more than anyone other than God can possibly deliver.

Anyways, one thing I like to do is try to talk to the post-post-modern folks about how Jesus doesn't wear a suit or give out tickets to heaven to all the good people while spanking all the rest really really hard forever, amen. His Gospel is all about life and love and stuff that most of us really want more of. And one place I like to go to talk about this stuff is the Rainbow Gathering. There's one in Florida in February (14-28). I'm planning to drive down on the 16th. Gas-sharing passengers are welcome.

Enough rambling. See you next week.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cohort Makes the News!

Hey, if you're reading this today we're going to be on TV at 4:00 on channel 2.
Jamey Tucker (the new religion and ethics reporter from News 2 (abc)) came out to visit our cohort gathering today to talk about forgiveness, the pope and the emerging church among other things. Jamey is a very cool guy and it was good to meet him, although having the camera trained on us while we conversed was a new experience. The story airs today at 4:00 and could feature a good interview with Jay and a bad one with me :) Check it out.

See you all in February when we talk about truth!

Friday, January 06, 2006

I have been introduced, thorough the miracle of Podcasting and the internet, to Emergent in the last two months. When I read the first few pages of McLaren's "ANKOC", I thought to myself "finally...". I can't tell you how happy I was to realize that there were other people who were tired of "churchianity" (as LiquidChurch's Tim Lucas put it), and want to move out of the 1950's. I come from a Southern Baptist background, and I have been struggling with many questions over the years. I am starting to have a few answers revealed to me now, which as led me to...MORE QUESTIONS!

Anyway, it's good to be connected with you guys. Thanks to Dixon for inviting me to join the Nashville conversation. I will try to make it to the February meeting, and will probably post often.

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