Monday, April 18, 2011

Two Futures at the Cohort May 5

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson is the director of the an organization called the Two Future's Project that gets Christians (particularly Evangelical Christians) in the loop and on board with abolition of nuclear weapons and he will be with us May 5 at the cohort.

Two Futures is a noble organization not just for their mission but also in the way their broad collation of pastoral and political supporters (Fmr. Secretary of State George Shultz and Chuck Coleson to Jim Wallis, Bell Heybels and Rob Bell) encourages activism way above partisan bickering. This is a somewhat personal appeal for your presence because I too am big believer in what TFP is about and hope to see as many people as possible catch their vision.

Tyler will be with us on May 5 to talk about the future of Two Futures and the special opportunity we who live in Tennessee have to be part of it.
If you can make it, please put this one on your calendar. It is not one to miss.

Email me with any questions and I really hope to see you all May 5.


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

WTF?!: A theology of profanity this Thursday

This Thursday, April 7 the Cohort "talks dirty" as we explore the purpose, place and yes, even theology, of profanity in the life of the church.
What is profanity, why does it matter and what is the place of it in the vernacular of faith? Furthermore, what issues do language and differences in language reveal to Christians seeking to embody the gospel in our culture in Nashville.

Call you lunch orders in by 10:30 if you're able and we'll see you Thursday.
Just remember to watch your language;)