Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Now, what shall we talk about?

Last month the cohort took a stab at conversation generated around a topic and kick-startedthings with a presentation. Jay Voorhees shared some great insights on the topic of ecclessiology and then we all jumped in and talked further. The conversation was excellent (at least around my end of the table) and I'd like ask two things:

1.) Was this a helpful format?
2.) What shall we talk about this month and into the future?


(Topics suggested at our first gathering:
- Soiteriology
- Ecclesiology
- Consumerism
- Involving the senses in Worship
- Worship Style
- Spiritual Formation).

I know something about that!

Another way to guide our conversation during cohort gatherings would be to have someone share some thoughts, practices or questions they are currently wrangling with and use that as a spring board for discussion. The Chicago cohort does this and it has been helpful to them in the past.

What do we think? Is there anything any of us would be willing to prepare and share something for the cohort one month?