Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Now, what shall we talk about?

Last month the cohort took a stab at conversation generated around a topic and kick-startedthings with a presentation. Jay Voorhees shared some great insights on the topic of ecclessiology and then we all jumped in and talked further. The conversation was excellent (at least around my end of the table) and I'd like ask two things:

1.) Was this a helpful format?
2.) What shall we talk about this month and into the future?


(Topics suggested at our first gathering:
- Soiteriology
- Ecclesiology
- Consumerism
- Involving the senses in Worship
- Worship Style
- Spiritual Formation).


jay v. said...

Dude, I'm happy to talk about whatever. Why don't you come up with a format.

Thomas+ said...

I don't trust Dixon to come up with the format. :)

I suggest we talk about race. Racial and ethnic tensions are a large part of the backstory of the Bible, as well as our nation and the church today.

I think we should address how we as Christians are reaching out, or not reaching out, across racial lines; how the emergent church movement does or does not speak to ethnic groups in our country; can anything be done?

If this topic is selected, I would be willing to give us a jumping off point. However, it would likely have an A/V component, which I could do on my lap top, but would need a meeting location suitable for a five minute video clip.

gavin richardson said...

i am game for whatever. if thomas wants to get into racial ethnic tensions i'd love to listen to what people are doing or not. jay, maybe it's conversation for the embracing church? women in leadership?.. is that a separate topic or is that moved into the some of the same conversation? if it is, i would like to hear kay and lynnette's stories/perspectives/understandings/contributions.

Matthew said...

Hoping to join the cohort in July, all the topics Dixon lists look good, and I like the idea of the embracing church. Since I'm new I'm just looking forward to joining the conversation.

daniel greeson said...

i dig the chicago cohort's method. but i am down with whatever.
i am going to Houston's cohort meeting this next tuesday so i will see how they do things and be able to share with you guys when i arrive on the scene..

Dixon said...

I'd love to talk about race and ethnic tension and the next cohort. However, we will need to look hard for a place where an A/V presentation will be appropriate.

Any ideas anyone?


daniel greeson said...

have we considered maybe asking some professors from the area to present any ideas or topics of concern? Nashville has a ton of seminaries/divinity schools and I am sure they would love to enter into dialogue with us on things..
but maybe we want to just keep it with practitioners and not the scholars?
i dunno, something to think about..