Monday, January 03, 2011

Judgement Day this Thursday at the Cohort!

Thursday, January 6 the Cohort will explore the theological category of judgement. This is an extension of our Second COming conversation last month and promises to be great.

Christianity's historic creeds proclaim that Jesus will return to "judge the living and the dead", but what exactly does that mean? How one defines judgement will determine what kind of "good news" Jesus return means. Furthermore, how does Jesus judgement intersect with his teachings "not to judge lest you be judged yourself" and how do missional Christians hold all these things together?
We'll explore all this and more this Thursday at the Saucer. See you there!

Directions and times are below. Call you lunch orders in by 10:30 if you're able.
11:30-1:00pm at the Flying Saucer in the Pool Room:
11 10th Ave. South
(Located Behind Union Station)
Nashville, TN 37203