Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cohort Makes the News!

Hey, if you're reading this today we're going to be on TV at 4:00 on channel 2.
Jamey Tucker (the new religion and ethics reporter from News 2 (abc)) came out to visit our cohort gathering today to talk about forgiveness, the pope and the emerging church among other things. Jamey is a very cool guy and it was good to meet him, although having the camera trained on us while we conversed was a new experience. The story airs today at 4:00 and could feature a good interview with Jay and a bad one with me :) Check it out.

See you all in February when we talk about truth!


gavin richardson said...

did anyone catch it? i missed out on the whole day. &:~(

Dixon said...

Yes, I caught it. I'll bring a tape copy so we can watch the segment at our February gathering. The piece is on forgiveness and they have a few wide shots of the cohort talking with a voice over about us being, "Religious leaders of middle TN" along with interviews with Jay and myself. And yes as you would expect...Jay looks great on TV!


Phil said...

I'm not a leader. I'm a layperson. Should I demand a retraction so that my reputation is not impugned?

daniel greeson said...

Is the cohort meeting on a thursday or friday? the 2nd is a thursday. I can make it this time around...

Dixon said...

It's on a Thursday.
See you there!

Thomas+ said...

I think this whole thing was Dixon's fault. He KNEW I wasn't going to be there. He alo KNOWS I love being on TV more than ANYTHING. That's right, ANYTHING. Jesus vs. Being on TV? Is that a joke. I'm ready for my close-up.

Next time they decide to put someone on TV, it better be ME. That's M-E. MEMEMEMEMEMEME!!!!!!! I hate Dixon, and Jay. Camera hogs.

OK, I feel better.