Thursday, December 08, 2005

Radical Orthodoxy Resources

At the last Cohort we discussed a developing theology called Radical Orthodoxy. Here are some resources if you want to investigate. Please add more than you all find.

1.) James K. A. Smith’s Introducing Radical Orthodoxy
2.) John Milbank et al. Radical Orthodoxy


1.) Graham Ward. Interview with David Inge. Focus 580. WILL-AM. 11 March 2002. (Thanks Jonathan)Graham Ward Interview

Internet and Blogs

1.) R. Reno from First Things in 2000. ” The Radical Orthodoxy Project
2.) Dixon’s Limited Blog Summary )here.


daniel greeson said...

i am too lazy to go over and find the link.
but i have a link to James KA smith discussing things..

Steve Hayes said...

Thanks for the links -- blogged them on mine at

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