Thursday, September 15, 2005

October Cohort

Hi Folks,

I'm up in October to facilitate our time together. I recently agreed to a 2-book thing with W Publishing of Thomas Nelson Publishers and book one is due out in Sept of 06. I am currently working on it and I would be intersted in your feedback and input. For now the book is entitled:
SHEDDING RELIGION TO FIND GOD (and the unlikely people who help you)

I have the chapter synopsis and the two introductory chapters posted at

Pretty much the blog was created just for the purpose of our cohort. The current book title works well since I myself am a "nobody" and can see God's sense of humor in my putting a book out there to connect with others of us, many who are searching for God (even Jesus) outside of Christendom.

In a couple of weeks I get some more specifics to you to help guide our conversation in October.