Thursday, October 26, 2006

How Do We Want to Handle: Guest Speakers?

This month Chris Seay will be sharing his thoughts with the cohort on recovering the biblical narrative. He will be the second “guest speaker” we’ve had this semester and I think having “an expert come in”, as we discussed after September’s gathering, does change the dynamic a little but it's not inherently bad.

So, how do we want to handle guest speakers? We all talked about Chris coming in at last month’s meeting and, because we agreed it was a good idea together, we invited him. Is this the best way to approach having “speakers” when we they want to come? Do we like that format enough to try and find people to “speak” to us, or is the occasional “expert” a better way to go?

Again, a penny for your thoughts.



Ken Anderson said...

I just discovered this web site today. I see in the header the term post-Christian. Can someone define that for me. I have understood that as Christ lives in us, there is no "post" per se, but that we are always moving forward as the full body.

Taylor Burton-Edwards said...


I'm all for both-andness. Sometimes we have speakers who say they want to talk with us. Sometimes we seek speakers. And sometimes-- perhaps more often than not-- we decide we have things we need to "talk amongst ourselves" about.

I'm only sorry I can't be there tomorrow.

Blessings to you all!

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards

gavin richardson said...

what about a limit on speakers? as i see, we meet about 9 times a year, so possibly only having 4 speakers a year would give some change up, but allow us to develop a core community.

it could be that we meet at different time/place for a guest. if it is someone that has a name others might be interested in listening too, then what about a bit more of an event. especially if they are giving a 'presentation'

Anonymous said...

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