Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Last Month's Conversation

Last month's Cohort conversation is available for download (or your listening pleasure) here.

Next month we are on for June 7 with Matthew Paul Turner reading a selection from his forthcoming book Jesus Needs New P.R.. I've read some of the manuscript and it is really great.

Thanks to Matthew for sharing.

Peace and love,


Matt Kelley said...

Hey Dixon. I can't download the file. Sup with that?

Dixon said...

'Sorry about the long wait.
I've rerouted the link to the home page of the podcasts. You shoudl be able to control click on it and have it down load.

Or at least subscribe;)

Perhaps we should set up a adesignated cohort podcast and record these conversations every month.

Any want to do it?


Tao said...

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