Thursday, October 04, 2007

Faith & Immigration Links

Hey all,
Great conversation today. A huge thankyou to Emily and Steven for deflty giding our discussion! Your challenges and encouragements were a blessing to me indeed.

Below is a note from Emily including contact info for Strangers No Longer and the Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition.


Hi Friends!

It was a real pleasure to meet you today and wrestle a little with this BIG issue! I just wanted to say hello and let you know a little bit about Strangers No Longer.

Strangers No Longer is an interfaith organization that seeks to promote reconciliation among all peoples, and to serve as a faithful witness for compassion and welcome to immigrants in our midst. We live out our call through education, and by encouraging people of faith to pursue deep theological reflection that will lead to action for justice on behalf of our immigrant neighbors.

Today we mentioned briefly a few opportunities for further education and reflection such as our "day-long immersion" experience. We also can help you and your community host a forum on immigration, suggest films or books for dialog groups, and much more.

If you would like more information about the educational programing that we provide, or how you can be more welcoming to the strangers in our midst, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

We will keep you posted on upcoming events for future education, action, and prayer about loving our immigrant neighbors.

Emily Snyder and Steven Miles, co-founders Strangers No Longer

website (coming soon):
Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition (

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DGH said...

Thanks for the convo last week, I appreciated it greatly! I know that growing up in West Texas with all of my friends being Mexican, and showing me that their green card is really pink, just brings back wonderful deep friendships that I long for everyone to be able to experience and have.

These are all difficult times to be living in, but I must say that when I look back over history into the eyes of a few beautiful people that for the majority, following God's law trumps the "law of the land" ....even if it means persecution!

For Example:
Church in China, (insert almost all countries here, heh)

anyway just my 2 cents

Thanks for the great discussion again!