Monday, January 07, 2008

Cohort Gathers This Thursday, January 10

Greeting all,
This Thursday, January 10 the Cohort will gathering for another session of "What are You Wondering?"
Part of the excitment and vitality of the emerging church conversation comes from way it is contextually driven. That means our wonderings here in Nashville regarding missional life, emerging church and theology etc. are as important than aything being generated at conferences, in books or by others elsewhere.

So, come out this week with your freshest wonderings, we'll pass the anonymus question basket and see what comes of it.

Meet in the pool room at the Flying Saucer from 11:30-1:00 as usual.
Call in your lunch orders to 259-3039 by 10:00am if you're able.



Jessica Miller Kelley said...

I heard part of yesterday's cohort was videotaped for a documentary on the emergent movement. Who is producing that, and when will it air?

Dixon said...

E/V is co-producing it and it will run as part of Brian McLaren's EMC tour initially.