Thursday, September 04, 2008

upcoming events : the great emergence

as mentioned at today's cohort meeting. various folks are associated with a day & half event in early december with phyllis tickle and her latest book "the great emergence." here is a bit of a write up.
The Great Emergence National Event is a unique and freshly designed event built on innovative adult learning techniques including interaction, participation, and inspiring content on the current state of and future possibilities for Christianity.

Around the four main sessions with Phyllis Tickle, participants will also enjoy the daily office—thrice daily times of prayer—based on Phyllis Tickle’s bestselling book, The Divine Hours, in the majestic and historic Cathedral of St. Mary in Memphis, Tennessee, which will be bedecked with Advent greenery.
seems like a few folks are interested in going. maybe we can apply for a 'staff' discount and do some carpool to be in good graces of our checking accounts.

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micah said...

I would like details on the next gathering - what TIME does it happen?

Thanks! :)