Monday, April 05, 2010

The Insurrection Happens tonight!

Author/storyteller Pete Rollins and friends come to Nashville as part of an international tour featuring Pete's work, original music.

Doors will be at 7:00. The show starts at 8:00!
Price: $10

From the website:
The task today does not lie in some naive attempt to return to the early church.

The church before Constantine
The church before Platonic philosophy
The church before Paul
The church before...

For these moves fail to bring us back far enough.

Rather we must call a new army of agitators into being. Dissidents courageous enough to return to the event that gave birth to the early church. A new breed of individuals brave enough to turn back so as to advance.

Through a provocative cocktail of incendiary theology, haunting soundscapes and musical lament Peter Rollins and friends will offer an invitation to set forth on this perilous return. A return that will strip everything from us, incinerate everything we hold dear and inaugurate a new year zero.

In short, this Easter Rollins and friends set out to remind us that belief in the event of Resurrection means nothing less than participation in Insurrection...

Joining Peter will be the poet/singer songwriter Pádraig Ô Tuama and the artist/DJ Jonny McEwen. Pádraig will be launching his first solo album 'Hymns to Swear By' on this tour and has previously contributed to the ikon album 'Dubh'. He has been the artist in residence for Corrymeela and is a published poet. Jonny specializes in developing immersive ambient soundscapes and creative audio montage. His latest album is entitled 'Fractured, Broken and Beautiful'. He is also an accomplished painter whose works can be found in many significant public and private collections.

Warning... this tour involves the use of strong language and ideas that may be unsuitable for those easily offended

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