Thursday, May 05, 2005

Welcome to the Nashville Cohort!

We are a gathering point for conversation surrounding the emerging church here in Nashville.
The way the blog is set up is that each post represents an area for Brain Storming and further conversation based on decisions and questions we asked at our first gathering. We are becoming.

Our first gathering yielded many great things. One was the following 5 "thesis" for the way we would like to have life together.

We agreed that our cohort will seek to be:
- As constructive as it is deconstructive.

- Space for authentic and vehement questioning while trying to avoid gatherings being simply a bitch session.

- A people of praxis. The Cohort will involve elements of corporate worship, sharing from each of our traditions and try to avoid the "over-itellectualism" that can dominate this conversation.

- Diverse. We recognize our responsibility in broadening the diversity of our group and will actively pursue such opportunities.

- Formative. None of us need "another meeting" in our week. Our desire to have the cohort exist as something that forms us more into the image of Jesus. We will intentionally to participate in it as such.

Post here to add, tweak or comment. Welcome to the cohort


gavin richardson said...

did we really cover all that? wow! we were productive.

St.Phransus said...

Dixon was the man with the plan! Great meeting!

mike said...

nice to meet everyone. looking forward to forward look with all of you.

lofbomm said...

It was really fantastic to meet all of you- great first meeting. I think we've got a great opportunity here to fall in love even more deeply with Christ and His Body.