Thursday, May 05, 2005

¿What Are We Going to Do?

Initially our gathering will be centered around different topics germane to the emerging church conversation.
We all agreed that time at the cohort will be about pushing farther into these ideas to find more beautiful and challenging conclusions. We will all seek to move beyond our preconceived opinions, statements and even questions.

Topics Suggested:
- Soiteriology
- Ecclesiology
- Consumerism
- Involving the senses in Worship
- Worship Style
- Spiritual Formation

Post here to suggest more.


gavin richardson said...

for those of use without formal schooling.. what in the world is "soiteriology?"

St.Phransus said...

It's actually soteriology, which is the big ass word for salvation.

Dixon said...

Gavin brings up a good point. What is our value around the use of theological "jargon". I see the value in words like soiteriology. However I also know how alienating such vocabulary can be.

There is also a way in which I can "hide behind" big words and not push into what is best. Anyway, Agustine said something like, "To speak simply is to understand profoundly". Perhaps that's a value worth adopting.


gavin richardson said...

didn't know i was bringing up a valid point.. wow, good for me!

St.Phransus said...

i see the use for both. learning a new langugage gives one insight into a culture. we're re-defining church culture in some ways, re-learning church culture in some ways, and renewing church in some ways. so it can be good.


the monastic in me says less is more- ususally God resides in the simple and plain.