Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Cohort takes November Off

The cohort will not meet on the first Thursday in November. Instead we'll take the month off (which we could justify with some sort of theology of taking the seventh meeting off/Sabbath thing - but we won't) and come back in December.

December 8 we'll have conversation around this question: "Is Emergent really a new movement engaging the emerging culture, or is it simply evangelical discovering liberalism?"

It's a great question and I look forward to getting into it with you all.

So, mark your calendars for December 8 and I'll see you at the Flying Saucer.



Thomas+ said...

As the person who asked the question ("is emergent really "emergent," or is it simply evangelicals discovering liberalism ((in an LITE form))") I would like to unpack that a tiny bit.

In my question is a challenge: is emergent even really dealing with post-modernism, or is it more dealing with hyper-modernism. Is it asking good questions? Is it coming up with answers, or is it just happy to finally get to think outside the fundamentalist box?

And, and here is where I start to get really offensive, is it really that intelligent and interesting a movement? For instance, Is McLaren really that interesting and/or innovative, or is he just another derivitive popularizer?

Is emergent "good for the evangelicals/fundamentalists," but should people from other Christian backgrounds sit back with a smirk and say "look at the kiddies--they've just discovered higher criticism." Now, that would be Christianity at its finest!

Finally (for now), is there something better?

Thomas+ said...

Hey, here is my picture.

Herobill said...

How can we find something better? Keep seeking. I don't know much about "EM" but the comments I read on blogs... but the question you asked seems to capture one of the general impressions I've had of the pro-EM stuff I read. It does at least seem to be "Evangelicals discovering liberalism" as you put it.

I submit this to your meeting, if I may: maybe the question is not "What is the EM doing?" Maybe the question is "What are WE doing?"

And yes, "is there anything better"? Thanks for posting, and for seeking.