Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sacred Cows and Radical Orthodoxy December 1

We're going to have our last Cohort gathering of 2005 next Thursday December 1 11:30-1:00 at the Flying Saucer.

In a postmodern ethos where nothing is unquestionable we are going to look at Emergent itself. Is this a legitimate response to post-modernity and helpful in suggesting a new way forward (I think it is) or is it more a group of evangelicals who have discovered liberalism (Thomas Mackenzie's position).

It's a question worth asking and we'll do so (with Thomas and I presenting our positions for conversation) on the 1st. We'll also have some discussion around a burgeoning new theology known as Radical Orthodoxy and contemplate it's implications on our conversation as well.

Should be good.
See you there,

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Phil said...

I would highly recommend that everyone listen to these lectures.

It's a series between Brian McLaren, Michael Wittmer, and Ed Dobson and it frankly addresses concerns that the latter have about Emergent and McLaren answers many of them.

It was highly informative and done in the best spirit of brotherhood (sibling-hood?)