Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Think About It

Some thoughts to guide us:
  1. With the first Christian community practicing their faith as a minority religion, can Christians today do the same as a majority?
  2. How has the notion of empire and colonialism shaped evangelism?
  3. How does one go about a theology of money and/or capitalism?
  4. What is the church’s relationship to the state and vice versa?
  5. What role should one’s faith play when campaigning for political office?
  6. How has our understanding of democracy shaped church polity?
  7. What if the American Revolution, with its believed divine inspiration, had failed?
  8. How does one navigate the often blurry line between church and state when it comes to social programming?
  9. Is America a “Christian nation”?
  10. How does one live missionally and prophetically in today’s America?


Dixon said...

With your permission, I'll just use these as a guide for our conversation.


Sam Davidson said...

Permission granted.