Saturday, March 04, 2006

Random Tidbits

Hey everyone. It was nice to meet you all the other day, and I'm really glad I've joined up. For those that were there (or those that are interested) here is the link to The Gathering. We start tomorrow morning, so please keep us in prayer. Anyone who would like to come check it out and give feedback is always welcome. I also have my own personal blog called The Truth As Best I Know It. Blessings to everyone during the Lenten season.


Dixon said...

How did it go?

gavin richardson said...

talked to matt this morning, he said it went really well with around 90 people in attendance.

Matt Kelley said...

Yeah, it was great. Most were folks in the congregation who were curious about the new venture, as you'd expect, but we had 17 folks who had visted the church before and 9 first timers. A nice mix of ages, but as I recall the room was pretty much all caucasian. All in all a positive start. God is good.