Thursday, August 31, 2006

Emergent: Defined and Criticized

Last time we met, one of us asked "what is emergent"? Quite a question. Are you emergent? Am I? What is "it," what is "us"?

So, I stumbled (in a weird, weird way) across this article on-line. It is written from a conservative Baptist perspective, and both defines and criticicizes Emergent and the emerging church movement. I found it informative, interesting, and a bit infuriating.

I hope you do to:,,PTID314526%7CCHID598014%7CCIID2249226,00.html

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Phil said...

I saw this same article yesterday too. It is interesting, especially seeing how someone outside of Emergent considers things.

bfine107 said...

Hey, can I join this Cohort meeting thing? Is it really in the middle of the day on a Thursday?

Pretty inconvenient but I'd love to come check it out.

gavin richardson said...

is that the frothy monkey?

Dixon said...

Interesting and frustrating is right.

I feel like these critques mirror the ones leveled early on against Radical Orthodoxy. They claim that RO (and here Emergent) are not playing by the rules of the same game and that's why they are to be criticized. I think that's precisely the case. It's not the same game and that's what's so life giving.

I do find Mark Driscoll's comments interesting. As an early emerging church thinker he hit his wall around the issues of patriarchy and women in leadership. The theology difference flowed from there. He's such a great guy and a brilliant thinker though -- if only he thought like me;)

Good stuff T.


Thomas+ said...

That is the rabid primate. I mean the frothy monkey. whichever.