Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cohort Gathers This Thursday September 7

Greetings all,
Our next Cohort gathering is this Thursday September 7 from 11:30-1:00 at the Flying Saucer.

It sounds like this season might be one of continuing some conversations that we began last year, so, this gathering will focus on issues of race, racism and justice. A friend of mine, Jud Laughter (PhD candidate at Vandy in critical race theory), will be presenting some perspectives on race and it's social and cultural dynamics. We'll then be pursuing a missional response together in the conversation. Jud's stuff is really excellent and provocative (for example - race is a socio-cultural designation - it has nothing to do with skin tone) and should be excellent.

Likewise, if you like to read, Tim will have manuscripts of the new John Franke and Scott McKnight books for us to read and discuss for next time in order to help the authors tweak the material before it's published. He'll give us more details this Thursday as well.

Finally, if this is your first time to visit the cohort we would like to buy you lunch. Please, allow us the honor.

If you have any questions hit me back.

Peace in Jesus,


gavin richardson said...

can i say that yesterday was different (not bad, just different) when we had someone who was like a 'speaker' or 'expert'..

not bad, i enjoyed it. much to think about, but there was a different vibe to the gathering

Thomas+ said...

It was different, a bit more like a class. It was more educational, I guess. It was good to hear from this guy.

The most interesting thing about it, from my perspective, was the way he brought out the liberal/conservative divide that we often try to ignore in our group. It wasn't Crossfire or anything, but we did get to hear some stuff that would have played well on NPR, and stuff that would have played well on FOX News.

While Emergent is going for a post-liberal and post-conservative future, we definitley heard some classics in the liberal/conservative department.

My assertion that racism has an inherent power component, for instance, is classically liberal. Another's assertion that a black person in the projects can be a racist is conservative.

Another's assertion that black people are better athletes because they were bred that way is classically, well, err . . . well, it sure reminded me I was in a former slave state.

bfine107 said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts...

Does anyone have a recording of the conversation? I wanted to hear it again.

Curious what the Cohort is "normally" like.