Monday, December 04, 2006

Chris Seay Visits the Nashville Cohort This Thursday

Greetings all,

Our last cohort gathering of 2006 is this Thursday,
December 7
at The Flying Saucer (in the pool room) 11 10th Avenue South Located behind the Union Station hotel Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 259-PINT

This month Chris Seay will be our guest speaker and he will share his thoughts on "recovering the biblical narrative". Chris is one of the leading voices of the emerging church conversation and this topic is near and dear to his heart.

Also, in the interest of being good guests, the Flying Saucer asked that we check the menu and call in our lunch orders early is we can. I'll post the menu here tomorrow and when you call just tell them you are with the "Pool Room" group.

If you have any questions hit me back, otherwise I'll see you Thursday.



gavin richardson said...

i'm bummed, but i am going to miss out this month. taking a friend on a retreat, and myself too, to a monastery from wed-friday. i know you all will miss my whitty banter

Phil said...

Or even witty banter?

gavin richardson said...

bite me phil... i'll miss picking on you most &:~D

jessica said...

I've never been to the Flying Saucer, but Union Station is amazing! Check it out when you're there! Also, here's a cool video on Nashville hotels: