Wednesday, December 27, 2006

January Cohort and beyond

Greetings all!
Any thoughts on topics of conversation for our January gathering and beyond? Post them here and let's get some ideas flowing.

What are you wondering? Any books or ideas worth exploring. Anything you have passion about or expertise in and would like to share? Any topics from last year that we should revisit?

The floor is yours....



gavoweb said...

i know that jonathon, jay, and myself will be out of town at a conference.

i'd say talking about those too would be appropriate since they are not there to defend themselves.

Thomas+ said...

How about raising children in the faith? Or, raising children to choose their own faith? That sort of thing. We could get into materialism, postmodern education, discipline, etc. How to teach other parents, whatever.

Matt Kelley said...

Hey Dixon, I'm attending the Mainline Emergent seminar at Columbia. Let me know about carpooling, etc.

Reba said...

It was great to meet you all at this meeting. I look forward to future meetings.