Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Festival of Homiletics coming to Nashville

I wanted to let everyone in the cohort know about the Festival of Homiletics that's coming to downtown Nashville May 21-25. For $235 (if you register by February 1) or $260 (if you wait till later) you can hear a lineup that includes Walter Brueggemann, Barbara Brown Taylor, Fred Craddock, Tom Long, Anna Carter Florence, Brian McLaren, Will Willimon, Gordon Lathrop, Jim Wallis, Jim Forbes, Cynthia Rigby, Will Campbell and others. The focus is on prophetic preaching.

Since you don’t have to fly anywhere, and you can sleep in your own bed at night, it’s the best bang for the buck for any con ed event you’ll consider this year!

Here’s the web site to check out the full lineup and to register:

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gavoweb said...

i was wondering where info for this was. thanks jim.